Did you know about Zoomusicology?

There’s something called Zoomusicology out there…Interesting huh?


Zoomusicology mixes up two types of scientific study:

  1. Musicology
  2. Zoology

If you have no idea what musicology is, let’s go back to your old science classes.  No..this is still www.covertradioshow.com, but we like to teach our readers good stuff…so let’s do it!

Remember Biology?   Bio meaning life and -ology meaning “study of”.

So..if you have figured out the musicology is the study of music and zoology is the study of animals (zoo…right?), then there is hope for you yet!

Zoomusicology, therefore, is the study of music within the animal world.  It studies their sounds and the musical aspects given and received by animals.

Who knew there were so many subsets of musicology! (To be blogged about of course)

Some of the big names of scientist in zoomusicology are Dario Martinelle, George Herzog and Francois-Bernard Mache.

Some scientist believe that the musical qualities of animal song is very similar to that of human song.

One of the big scientist in the niche of science, David Teie, tested a theory about the emotional origins of music. The results showed that human music was effective for humans and tamarin monkeys.  There’s been studies for all sorts of animals, including dolphins and whales.

Humans use animal sounds in their compositions which presents a very interesting connection about human and animal communication.



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