History of Music part 1

I was going to do the history of music here but, that’ s boring for tonight.

Instead I’m going to go through the history of music that I remember so perhaps you can have fun trying to guess my age and figure out how I might have come to make this covertradioshow site!

Let’s start with the earliest music I remember:

Nursery Rhymes.

Yeah…funny huh? But it’s true. They are the first songs I knew, along with the alphabet song.

There’s also the Holiday and Christmas Songs.

My mother use to play Silver Bells on the piano so that was one I definitely knew.

Then…I remember a time when all I would listen to was the Oak Ridge Boys Elvira.

Haven’t heard of it?

Here you go:

It’s a newer version, but as a kid…I just loved the part where they go “om papa ompapa moew mow”.

I wonder how many others are out there like me.

After the Oakridge Boys?


I dont’ remember much. It was probably due to a lot of turmoil in my life…so I’m going to just go to the next time I remember which was the 80’s rap and the Beach Boys.  The Beach Boys sang that Key Largo song and the rapper Tone Loc had a couple big songs.

It was back when rap started to get a little sexy, but nothing like it is nowadays.

After that, it’s all about the 90’s.

90’s music for me was filled with folk.  Tom Petty, Alianis Morrisette, Ace of Bace, Blues Traveler and so many more.

It was a good time.

REM even was liked for little while.

I know a lot of musicians from the 90s to the early 2000 and from there…I only know a few.

Pink, probably one of the most impressive and a true artist, and of course the drama mama’s like Britianny Spears and Nicki Minaj.   These are people who represent us as a culture.


Music has always been known to give indicators of how the society and culture was doing during the time the music was made.

The fact that music is getting more turmoil and confused isn’t an accident. It’s up and down.

People aren’t working for bosses anymore and many are looking for the fast way to wealth with millionaire mentoring.

It’s an interesting time to be alive right now because you find everywhere there are changes going on that are innovative and different.

It seems that when turmoil in the world arises, so does more art and culture.  It will be interesting to look back in 50 years to see how the world has changed just from this single post.


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